Every Frame Counts


Your business, organization, or

project is important. It deserves careful planning and consideration even before a single camera is turned on. 


Brooklyn Media Company was created to give companies and organizations a very much needed creative voice. You built your company on passion and work ethic, and we want to capture that essence. Let our team help execute your vision.

We were so impressed with their work and overall professionalism.
— Director of Marketing
Some of the best non-profit video work I’ve ever seen. It has an edginess to it.
— Susan J. Ragusa, Non-Profit Development Leader
They really got our message across. The best money we’ve ever spent.
— PTO member

Our experience in network television, working for cable shows in many roles from producer to camera operator to director to editor allows us to foresee many of the potential issues that can arise in a given project. We save time by thinking through many of the obstacles that can slow a project down and lead to a poor end-product.